Why is vertex masking so poorly documented, no decent tutorials

Hi there, Ivé been googling around, looking on youtube, checking the documentations, trying myself with various vertex maps on both fbx, and obj formats, but I just can´t get the masking of fluid emission working.

I noticed Jason Key had a vid demonstrating “some of it” but that is an older version, he´s not showing exactly the setup for how to connect the nodes, and other things that may be important.

This is to me a very Key element to work with embergen properly …and I am a bit baffled it isn´t covered in documentation or a short intro, specificly defined as vertex mapping emission.

Maybe I approached it wrong trying to just mask out the emission on one single emitter and mask, perhaps two emitters is needed…I just don´t know.

There´s a possibility I missed a tutorial, but there´s so many of them and if I only knew where this may be covered, that would of course help.

Basics, take a toroid apply vertex map on half on it, and in embergen set the mask to emitt only from that, simple things you may think.


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