Emit from imported alembic's vertex color

I’d like to use an imported alembic’s vertex color as emitter. It’s a basic RBD simulation, I’d like to emit smoke from moving pieces. I exported the alembic from Houdini. It has a baked vertex color, based on the fragments speed. When I import it back to Houdini or Maya, I can see the animated vertex color but Embergen doesn’t support alembic vertex color (?).
FBX doesn’t support animated vertex caches,right? When I try to export the RBD sim to fbx, it’s jus a freezed geo cache.
How can I solve this problem? Thanks!

hi there, unfortunately EmberGen does not support animated vertex paint or vertex color, (nor does it variable vertex counts). If your simulation is just meshes, make sure you bake your simulation and turn them into meshes.

At that point you should be able to export it as an fbx or alembic file. One thing that we use to troubleshoot issues like this, is we will open the mesh in blender to see if we can read that vertex data in there first. If EG or Blender can’t read it, it’s most likely a problem with the export. Sometimes Blender will be able to read it and if you reexport it from Blender, that will sometimes fix the issue, but we should still know about it if that is the case.

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you for your reply!
I checked the alembic in Blender, the animated vertex color is working.

“unfortunately EmberGen does not support animated vertex paint or vertex color, (nor does it variable vertex counts)”

Is there any solution to emit smoke in Embergen based on imported mesh velocity? (Only emit smoke/particles from non-static parts)
I’ve checked the Particle Bridge Collapse example file, but it doesn’t use geometry velocity for emitting.
What I found is just unfreeze particles by minimum simulation force.

Same problem thx for the answer.

You can emit particles by velocity and use those to inject smoke! this is in the Emission Condition of the particles node

I hope someday it will be possible to use image sequences to have a texture animation determine the fluid flow base emission density.

Like now we have TurbulenceFD as a part of lightwave3D in it´s new release, it can use image sequences, png for instance that drives the fire spreading on any object surface, this is something I really would like to see in Embergen.

One Vfx sample for instance, using a fractal texture called water drops, to fall down animated down from the eyes as tears, flowing down on the cheeks, this could either be baked as image sequence or used directly as it is in it´s fractal texture state, and be used as density emission for fire, so the face would cry with a set of tears, on fire.
That should be fully possible in Lightwave 3D with TurbulenceFD right now, so you wouldn´t be able to use Embergen for something like this.

The problem for me though, I need to Upgrade Lightwave3D to get the TurbulenceFD options, and TFD
While being both GPU and CPU powered, still is quite a bit slower than Embergen.