Blender Alembic Vertex Color

Hi there,

I just had a question about Vertex colors support from Blender to .abc. I have imported it and the masks seem not to work. is this something that isn’t supported yet?


Bumping…see my post regarding the lack of replies around this and lack of documentation and tutorials.
been messing too much with this and not getting it to work, yet I have seen some folks do some masking, but wether or not they have used a single weight paint on one single mesh, or used other types of meshes I don´t know.

Cross post, since no one has answered you or me, but I have now solved this issue, unless someone makes a tutorial, I will when I am up for it.
Vertex paint masking Is working from blender.

Hey Prometheus,

How did you get it to work? I am doing everything the docs says to do but its not working?


Got it working, currently it seems only FBX exports will work for me on V3.3 of Blender. Just remember to use the mask output to the emitter.

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of response from us. FBX imports can be sorta tricky because there are so many settings that could impact the way embergen reads it. One thing to note is that you might need to ‘fill/paint’ all the vertices black (0,0,0) first, then paint your colors. (by default they are white - 1,1,1). You can do this quickly in vertex paint mode by changing the color to black and selecting Paint > Set Vertex Colors. Not sure if they addressed this in 3.3 but I hope this helps!

An additional note is that as of right now our alembic implementation doesn’t support vertex coloring. This may be fixed in 1.0, but not sure yet.