Time Control for fire simulation

Hello everyone,
I have another question about timing. I need flames to flicker quickly from time to time. In the TFD plug-in for C4D, I could easily change the speed of the simulation by entering a percentage.
Unfortunately, I have not yet discovered this function in Embergen.
In Embergen, I have so far only found the “Timestep” option in the “Simulation” node under “Time Control”.
Do I have any more options?
Since timestep has a significant influence on the simulation and values lower than 20 are very harmful for the sim.

Looking forward to an answer - thank you


Hello everyone,
I just answered the question myself … under the item “Frame stride” in the export node I can set the frames that should be rendered and thus I can change the timing - but you have to keep in mind that for example with animated meshes you have to set them to the new values.


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Yes, glad you found it. and you’re correct that if you’re using imported meshes you will need to keep that in mind for their export. You’ll also need to keep the timestep value at 60Hz and use the Override FPS setting if you want to make any changes to the speed of the mesh