Another timing question

Sorry for another question about timing, but I couldn’t find one that answers my questions.

I am new to actually exporting from embergen, some of the effects i have built look fine but when exported they are very slow. i’m wondering what the correct workflow is as these are probably useless now.

I notice now that ember gen is playing at a very high speed, far too fast for production. How do we limit the speed to be say 25fps or 30fps and build effects at this speed? why does it start so fast when it cannot be used at that speed?

Hi Jon, no worries! The playback might be super fast if you don’t have your frame rate capped in your preferences, it’s set to 0 by default, so if you change that to 25 or 30 it should look much better in viewport. As for renders, it really depends on what your workflow is. Because at the end of the day you’re either rendering an image sequence or vdb sequence, so the playback can be sped up if you allow for extra frames to be rendered. This gets a bit more complicated when you introduce animated meshes, I can dive into that if you’d like.

Thanks for this, i just limited the frames to 30 and indeed it plays slower, which is what i wanted. So am i right in saying for every project i create, i will have to limit the framerate and build them to look correct at this speed?

for preset projects, would it be, limit frames then adjust the timestep to get correct speed and playback?


Our recommendation is to not adjust the timestep. it might be most helpful to use the ‘frame step’ parameter in the export node, if you set it to 2, it will export like it’s 30fps! And then this way it won’t affect the behavior of the sim (using the timestep makes the sim kinda unstable)