Camera speed issues with timescale

I’ve imported my animated .c4d camera into Embergen and it seems to work. However I want my explosion to look ‘massive’ so I’ve applied a timescale to it so it slows down to 900hz, I did not realize this also slows down my camera movement aswell. The idea is that I would export this explosion with the camera movement and then also a background plate rendered from c4d and composite the 2 together in After Effects but because Embergen is slowing down my camera move it now won’t match the original camera move I made into cineam 4d.

Is there a way to make the timescale only affect the explosion and not the camera or any other method to make the speed of the camera match what I keyframed originally in c4d?

Hey this video helps explain a lot about retiming meshes. The EmberGen bit starts at 7:10 but there is relevant information all through out:

I will say, having your TimeStep at 900 is certainly going to test the limits of this workflow, but let me know if you have any specific questions about this!

Thanks for that but damn, I realized since working on the file, I had to increase the timestep even further… to 4000hz :unamused:

Basically I’m trying to make an explosion look huge (like a nuclear explosion) so I’m wanting to play it back slow as if it’s big and far away but still retain my c4d camera movement. Is this the only way around doing this?

I would recommend simulating the explosion in EmberGen but then exporting it as a VDB. EmberGen doesn’t really simulated well to the scale of nuclear explosions so you need to take a lot of creative liberties and you’ll end up losing control of the camera if you try to tie them together :confused:

Thanks, I’ve tried this before using Arnold/C4D but VBD looks really crappy compared to how it looks straight from embergen. I don’t know if I’m missing something in my settings during export. But I’m tempted just to keep the explosion with static camera and export from Embergen.

Here’s a comparison of in Embergen / C4D,

Rendered with X2 upscaling (my computer cannot handle X3 and beyond) just looks really blocky in C4D compared to embergen

Screenshot 2024-03-23 194000

I’m not too familiar with c4d shading but you may need to customize the parameter values to fit the rendering engine and what it expects. A good place to start would likely be to reduce the emission or temperature values

How can I slow down the explosion in Embergen without affecting the original camera movement from Cinema 4D and the webcam setup, so that everything aligns correctly for compositing with a background plate in After Effects?

As long as you follow this formula, you just need to render the correct amount of frames