Three BIG problems, ID Unstable, particles movement not fluid, particles inside collider

I have three super big problems and I find no solution:

1.- When I export the particles to Alembic, the ID jumps from one particle to another, so no stable ID is pressent, this way it’s impossible to do something like randomize size or something like that.

2.- The particles movement is stepped, but just some of the particles that moves slowly, this makes the particles to have vibration, they seem to go forward and backward and not move fluidly, I tried every kind of parameter in the simulation, I increased the simulation parameters, but I still have such particles.

3.- In places near the colliders I get weird lines of particles that clump themeselves, also the colliders are not fully respected and I often get particles going inside the colliders.

These three things are making a big problem with my sim.

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We spoke over discord and email but we are taking the time to address these problems

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Has the same problem with ID-s… :frowning:

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