Out of Memory exporting GPU particles

Hi there!

I have a particle simualtion that I want to export to Alembic, I generate a big big amount of particles, well in reality it’s not that big, around 4 millions, but when I try to export it I get an out of pc memory error.

It goes up to 1000 frames, but then it reaches like the max ram at my computer, I have 64Gb or Ram and an RTX4090.

Is there a way to avoid this problem?

LIke exporting in sequences or something like that… I can run the simulation inside embergen as much as I want, but ti gets to this limitation when I export them to alembic.

Any idea is welcome, I need to have at least 2000 frames out of the same particle sim :slight_smile:


Hi Juan, sorry for the delay, do you mind sharing the project file so that we can take a look at it? Could you also go into the EmberGen Program folder, open the log folder, and pull out one of the dates where you experienced this crash? This will help us identify if there is something specific going wrong.


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I’m afraid we are in a thight deadline and I can’t share the project file, however as soon as I have a moment I’ll prepare another project to reproduce the problem and share it with you.

But the idea is that one particle emmiter that emmits a lot of particles is crashing because it fills the system ram when exporting to alembic, I solved it by reducing the emmission amount, generating separated emmiters and then using separated alembic exporters, for the emitter I used a different seed for each one and then I use the different alembic streams at once to render it :slight_smile:

If you’re able to replace the parts of the file that belong to your project with place holders it would be great to see if we can replicate that behavior somehow. But I think your workaround is a good solution for the moment. Feel free to take your time!