Exporting GPU Particles out of Ember

I probably know the answer to this question but I’ll ask anyways. I have, like Zoolander puts it, a really really really ridiculous good looking sim with tangles particles. Anyway to bring them out of Ember into whatever?

With 1.0, you can export particles as alembic!

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Hi Nick,

are there are any workflows for getting particles into 3DS Max - I’ve exported an ABC from the particles in the cannon preset, and got a sequence out - although nothing appears when I import it into Max?

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or it’s a problem at Max’s end



Hi Steven, sorry for the delay. Our alembic export tool exports alembic points, but there is no mesh data exported. So you will need to instance an object onto those points to visualize the particles, and then use the exported parameters in your 3D software, the alembic parameter library is:
P (positions)
.arbGeomParams contains
texture (colors)


thanks, I’ll take a look