Exporting particles

Hi everyone! I am playing around with the trial of embergen and it’s sooooooo cool! I mean, it’s like playing a video game! :smiley:

I am super noob however, as I am just moving my first steps in this software, and I have a question (probably I’ll have a lot more in the future :smiley: )

I saw in the example scenes things like the magic darts or the magic gpu particles. How do you export things like these to, for example, blender? I feel like for particles openVDB falls a bit short. I could export an image sequence and just render a plane, but I was wondering if there’s a better workflow to export particles properly.

Also, is there any feature missing in the trial regarding export to VDB? For example resolution or things like that?

When I import the opevVDB in blender at the moment they often feel a bit coarse, and less defined than they looked in embergen, so I wonder if there’s something I am missing in the export process.

Thank you!

You currently cannot export the GPU particles other than rendering them in EmberGen as an image sequence.

The trial has no limitations on exports or resolutions though. In general, other renderers aren’t going to render our data as good as we can due to the way our renderer works and smooths volumes.

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Hey Nick, thanks for your reply!

I watched a couple of streams and I learned, as you say, that the intended way of using embergen is to render directly into it.

So I tried to export alembic from blender to embergen and I am having some difficulties.

I couldn’t figure out how to export the camera.

Also the scale seems quite off. This wouldn’t necessarily be a big deal when rendering off of render gen, but in case I’d like to export an open VDB anyway, it’s quite hard to match it back in blender. Not only the scale feels off, but also the position.

Is there any tutorial/guide/video you could point me to that shows the correct alembic export/import workflow for embergen/blender?

Position and scale honestly is bad in EmberGen. It’s a massive thing we need to fix.
Our implementation of Alembic doesn’t support cameras yet, only FBX imports do.

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Gotcha, I’ll give fbx a go then, thanks! Hope to see the pos/scale stuff fixed soon, this program is awesome and I really want to add it to my workflow!