Scattering Mask capture type

Hi everyone,

A scattering mask would be a very welcome addition to the capture types for proper compositing and channel consolidation, has something like this been considered?

I would also welcome the ability to add/subtract/multiply capture channels before piping them into export nodes.


Hey Klemen,

By a scattering mask do you mean a black/white map of the scattering vs the colored version we provide?

Performing operations on capture channels before sending them to the texture is a great idea though. Any particular use cases you can think of for this?


Hi Nick,

Exactly yea that would be very useful. I usually like to bake a flame map + a scattering map to the same texture (channel pack it) to be able to control and color both individually in an engine or in post.

Edit: just wanted to clarify why the current colored version you provide isn’t useful for this, “alpha” information is included in every color channel so I can’t isolate only the scattering information I need, there’s color bleeding around the edges even if you premultiply with alpha.

In a case where I wanted to add these two together to bake them in the same channel (potentially save even more on texture space by packing more data in a single one), I would be able to add them together right there in EmberGen and avoid having to use Photoshop.