Correct way to export flames?


I’m currently testing Embergen as a long time Houdini/Redshift & Blender/Cycles user and I have some questions regarding correct flame rendering.

No matter what I try, the flame channel is transparent on export. I set up a quick explosion using the Spike_Explosion_2 Preset and heavily modified it.

From what I understand, the look here transitions from pure flame to flame/scatter mix to pure scattering in the density channel within a few frames:


This looks fine and beautiful in the viewport, however on export I get this:

Which seems like an alpha issue. What would be the correct way of fixing this? My Flame opacity slider does nothing, neither does the alpha mode change anything. I guess it has to do with the shading settings in the Shader node, but I am unsure which setting is at fault here.

On a similar note, what would be the correct way of exporting my particles? Right now they only show up where there is smoke behind them, they are cut out with 0 Alpha at locations where they fly freely.

Thanks for all hints!

What channel are you trying to export with this?
In general particles would be exported as an image sequence and composited as well. However we are investigating alembic/USD exports for particles.