Looping not working for export

Hi I’m trying to make looping flip books and VDBs from a simulation, the looping looks fine in the scene but not in the exports. I don’t have upscaling in use, there aren’t any particles in my simulation. I’m using version 1.0 which doesn’t have ‘turbulence’. Also the output range is in sync with the looping range.

Are there any other parameters which affect whether the animation will loop successfully on export?


Hi there, the only other thing that affects looping is the use of vorticles. Are you using those in your preset?

Hi, thanks for the reply. No, I had to look that up but apparently vorticles isn’t something I’m using in this file.

I assume I’m making some sort of mistake as I’ve only just started using the software, however I keep checking over the settings and it all looks okay to me.

I’m not sure what else to try as it’s important for my application that I properly get to grips with the looping.

can you send the project file? I’d be happy to look into it myself

Thank you so much, I appreciate your assistance.

The files are at the following location: Transfer - Dropbox

Well you might have just found a very important bug for us, it looks like using an imported mesh breaks the looping function for some reason… Not sure when this will be able to be patched but you should be able to get a loop going if you disable the import node (though with your preset you may need to adjust some other parameters to get the fire back).

Thank you very much for pointing this out!

You know I was beginning to wonder if that was something to do with it, as I had reset pretty much every other parameter!

Thanks for looking into it, I will try to work around this for now by using in built shapes as occluders for any looping animations.

Thankfully not all of my simulations need to be looped so it shouldn’t present too much of an issue.

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