Loop Simulation not working on exported flipbook (#236) (FIXED)

I’m using the Loop Simulation function and it shows me a perfect loop in my viewport but whenever I export my flipbook it does not produce the same result and I get begin and end frames not matching at all. Did I overlook a setting somewhere?

This is a known bug right this second, it seems like a perfect loop, but it is not as there isn’t a point of reference to look from during the looping phase.

We’ll have fixes in the near future we hope.

These parameter types currently break looping and would need to be zero or off for loops to work:

  • animated forces
  • animated noise
  • disturbance
  • turbulence
  • random wind
  • pressure injection
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thanks for the info! I look forward to a fix, saves me a bunch of post production work :slight_smile:

Mostly fixed minus Turbulence and Upscaling. Going to mark this bug as fixed though.

Hey Nick! Any eta on a fix for Turbulence and Upscaling?

Hey Sarah,

Hopefully sometime early next year, I know that’s a bit far away, but the problem runs much deeper than us being able to write a few lines to fix it. In the meantime, for flipbook textures (sprite sheets) we’ll have a 2d frame blending option that could use turbulence and upscaling for looping. The downside is it doesn’t apply to VDB volumes if that’s what you’re after.