Unable to export looping simulation

Hello, I’m having an issue and I’d like to ask for some help please.

Whenever I export a looping simulation, it looks fine in the renderer and the export panel but my .png is just a black image.

I’m doing the following: pick the fire simulation from the base ones when you open the software>Simulation>Looping Mode>“Loop Simulation”>Bounds set min 0 and max 63>Render>Number of Frames set to 64 and First Frame is 0> Rows/Columns 8x8> Size 2048x2048 pixels.

Also I make sure there is no upscaling in Simulation.

What am I doing wrong? :o

Hi Diana, You’re probably exporting a fire preset so you’ll need to change the Alpha mode to Straight. Let me know if this helps!

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hi, i’m also facing the same problem it pops a simulation looping error on screen stating
looping on simulation node cannot be used with the current parameters and has been disabled.
particles in use

can you help me with this

you cannot loop a simulation if you have a particles node in your node graph

Yeah that worked, thank you so much!