Seamless looping not working


I’ve tried all of the blending modes with no luck of getting a perfect loop in a flipbook, although they look a lot better in the Raytracer.

Is there a tutorial or thread on how to set it up properly?

I checked over the docs but didn’t see anything but perhaps I missed it.


You either have turbulence or upscaling activated and that will break loops.

Hi Nick,
First of all: great piece of software, I really enjoy working with it.
Regarding the looping of sims, is there a way, or is it going to be possible to loop sims that have turbulence activated? I am looking at the swamps preset for instance, when I enable the looping option it loops perfectly in the viewport. But exporting it to vdb messes up the loop. I would think that the program should be able to ‘remember’ the looppoint?


Hey Rob,

It isn’t seamlessly looping in the viewport, the simulator just runs continuously as it isn’t a cache and it looks like its seamless, but it isn’t and the output shows that. There isn’t any way to loop turbulence at this time as it’s a difficult problem to solve but we hope to solve the issue one day.

Sorry for any inconvenience here.

I understand, no worries! Thanks for the reply!