'Fire temperature adjustment' when exporting


When coloring the fire of a simulation in EmberGen, there is a ‘Fire Temperature adjustment’ option in the Volume node, which is basically a multiplier on the temperature before it feeds into the color gradient (which then outputs the fire color).

When exporting the temperature pass into a texture, for example to use it for a color-curve in a game-engine, this ‘Fire Temperature adjustment’ option is not available. The result of this is, that the exported temperature data doesn’t match the temperature data used for the color gradient in EmberGen. Therefore it’s hard to recreate a similar look in-engine (compared to the visual result in EmberGen) without modifying the temperature texture output externally.

Adjusting the temperature texture output externally is also a sub-optimal solution, as the temperature data has been “compressed” into a different color range (e.g. 0-128 instead of 0-256), which leads to a permanent loss of color information that could have been preserved if it was possible to multiply temperature before the export.

I assume that, at some point, EmberGen will have a different way to composite the output image, but for now a simple temperature multiplier for the Output node would be much appreciated. Exporting the temperature for use with a color gradient or a simple linear interpolate in an external tool (such as a game-engine) is common practice, and it would be awesome if this was supported by EmberGen in a more consistent way, by allowing the same temperature adjustment used in the volume node for the output as well.