Color Management Options

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I was wondering what kind of color management is available in Embergen? I found it hard to find any documentation on it if so.


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Sorry for the late reply! We have a Shading section in our documentation that goes over how to use colors in EmberGen. Flames and Smoke have similar color options like Color Ramp and Exposed Color Gradient (I would use this one). Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply, no problem on the late reply.

I was wondering about color spaces, specifically using something like OpenColorIO as currently all I can find is linear srgb.

Is there an option to use OpenColorIO or is that something planned in the future?


Oh okay I understand now, we don’t have any plans to support something like this, but once we release 1.0 we will do a lot of planning in terms of what we do for updates to 1.0 and what we try to implement in version 2.0. All to say we will revisit some time in the future, but at the moment unfortunately there are now such plans

I think there are some controls under the scene tab if i remember correctly.

In general you can export as hdr linear space and then convert in other software.
I will say in embergen converting spaces currently does mess with alpha channels a bit. But if you export as linear and import into resolve and mess with global exposure under the color>hdr tab .
This is a good way to bring the exr into a workable range, then you can manually flatten and grade.