EmberGen + Blender - can't get it to render properly

Hi there. I’m working with the Fire Tornado project preset, exporting VDB frames including density, temperature, and flames. When trying to set up the volumetric material in Blender according to two different YouTube videos, any adjustments to the volume’s material black body intensity from 0.00 just blows out the volume to full white. Quite unlike that depicted with VDBs coming from other software. Is there a bug I need to be aware of?

Here is one such tutorial video I am following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGnn8HAx_-Q

Here is the source EmberGen project and VDB volume in Blender with black body intensity set to 0 and 1.

EmberGen exports temperatures in excess over 10,000 Kelvin at times. So in blender you need really small values for Temperature.

Aha! Okay. That helped. Here’s how I recovered something similar to the EmberGen sim in Blender. I’ll dial back the density a bit to recover the view of the temperature within the swirl.


Now to figure out how to import into UE4…

Glad to see that worked! No volumes in UE4 just yet. Best way to get something into UE4 is with our sprite sheet exporter so you export it as a 2d image sequence on a single texture and play that back on sprites. We’ll eventually have a plugin that lets you use volumes direct from EmberGen to UE4.