Embergen Experiments

Experiment 01: Car fire

Just started using Embergen, I still have a ton to learn. But man this software is amazing!
Can’t believe I get to create something like this so fast, by tweaking everything in real time, and with a beta software.

Captured in Embergen viewport, then color graded in After effects.
I went overboard with the simulation settings so granted the result is not very realistic for a car fire.
But I’m amazed by the simulation and shading in Embergen.

Very happy I took advantage of the black friday deal and get to support the development of Embergen.
Looking forward to next years update with the new UI, animated meshes, and even better shaders.

You guys are creating something special, keep up the great work Nick and team!


This looks awesome Karim! Thanks for the kind words… the new update will definitely be worth the wait and thank you for supporting us.

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Experiment 02: Vegeta flying through clouds


Latest personal project done with Embergen, this time not an experiment but a finished work.

I created all of the clouds in Embergen and then exported them as VDB files to construct the final scene in Blender. I’m looking forward to being able to do this directly in Embergen!


Looks awesome! How many separate VDB’s did you end up using to build out the scene?

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thank you Nick! here is an overview of the VDB’s:

So I broke down my scene in two parts, the ground and the clouds.

I created one cube ground piece in Embergen, and to create variations I simply changed the seed value in the noise before exporting the VDB. I exported 6 of these, spread them in the scene and rotated/flipped them so we can’t see the repetition. Same thing for the clouds. A cloud vdb can look like a different cloud from the other side, so I took advantage of that to reuse the same VDB’s in my scene.

I kept things simple and exported single frame static VDB’s. I wonder if this would work with animated VDB’s or if the animation on the separated pieces would make it visible that the ground is made of different parts.

edit: corrected poor formulation. I used multiple VDB’s, both for the ground and the clouds.

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