Can this be done in Embergen?

Hi all,

I’m new to embergen and preparing some school classes. I made an AI mockup to actually create a project for my students. Can this be done in Embergen? Or do I revert to more coventional software like Cinema 4D? I bought the Clouds Preset Pack by the way

Tnx all!

Hi there, to get a look like this you’ll most likely want to use the colored smoke mode (in the simulation node) since this allows you to differentiate colors by the emitter. The clouds pack will be a great starting point for achieving these looks though! Let me know if you have any other questions

Thanks Will!

I have some questions,

Can multiple emitters with their own characteristics live in the same seen? e.g. smoke, inklike, as you can see in the example.

You may need to get creative in the ways that you combine them, but it’s certainly not impossible. But you may get better results if you create this with multiple different simulations and combine them later