Embergen Tornado to Unreal Engine

I was inspired when I saw the Tornado tutorial on youtube for Embergen. Is there a recommended method to using the tornado in Unreal Engine? I have attempted to use the OpenVDB plugin for Unreal to import the looping VDB from Embergen but it comes into the scene tiny! When I attempt to scale it up it looks like a bunch of little dots. Is it even possible to get the same quality of a tornado from Embergen into Unreal or am I dreaming? I’m in day of one of my trial version and hoping I can find a workflow to start using Embergen in my projects. Can I get some help?

Thank you!

Have you tried using the VDB’s in other software? You may need to experiment with the intricacies of that plugin to get it to work properly, but if the VDB’s work elsewhere we don’t have the resources to spend optimizing for an unofficial 3rd party plugin. I believe UE5 will natively support VDB when they update to 5.1 but I do not know when that will happen. Hope this helps!