Issue with free VDB cloud pack ember file, not playing simulation?

I dowwnloaded the free cloud VDB pack, opening it using the trial version.
While when I opened it first everything was working, except that I needed to plug the volume node output in the scene node.
I later opened a modifed version after a fresh start of embergen and wasn’t able to see the simulation. after loading the default preset and reopening the file, everything works again. I can see the clouds.

It seems like a bug in embergen or that the file is corrupt or not working correctly when created with an earlier version of embergen. I checked it again with a fresh start, opening the original ember file I downloaded

Edit / Update while writing
I just discovered that it happens with every ember file where the volume output of the simulation goes directly into the scene node, putting the volume Processing node in between solves it.
I still think it is a bit weird to not able to see the simulation in some cases, when opening a file that has no volume processing node in between the simulation node and the scene node

The free cloud project is for version 0.7.5. It probably doesn’t work very well in 1.0 which was released this year.

Yeah, I think it has something to do with it, which already gave me the warning on start that it tried to load the nodes of unknown type: Node_Export_Image and Node_Capture.
As a new user I made it able to work by connecting the volume output from the simulation directly to the scene node, which just weren’t connected.

I was later able to reproduced the issue with the default (and working) preset, saving a version where I had the simulation node directly connected with the scene node (no Volume Processing in between), where I wasn’t able to see the simulation until I reopened it again once I had a project open that works normally. And as soon I restart embergen everything is like before that I wasn’t able to see it again.

It could be also a bug that this isn’t showing up, more a small issue that can occur with older files or with new users that make more mistakes, who are not understanding so much how it works yet.