Export to blender weird in render

hello everyone, I’m new to embergen, for the needs of a project on blender I would like to render a simulation that I created. I export the simulation correctly in blender but the style of the smoke is totally different in blender… I tried several things like decreased the threshold to 0 in export vdb but it doesn’t really change. the size of the emitor seems to change the appearance a little but that’s all

and can you help me please?

thanks in advance


Hi there, I see what you mean. Can you share the preset via google drive or something like that? I have a feeling that the look of the smoke in the EmberGen scene is being dictated by the Shader node which won’t effect the VDB render.


hi thanks for the reply !

i try to make realistic cigarette smoke :))

Hmm, you may just need to put it in a similar environment with a black background to get the full effect… maybe increase the density a bit in Blender? It’s hard for me to make out exactly where the imperfections are, and how much of that is unavoidable when using VDB’s, since they don’t use our render engine.

yes, I understand, I tried everything in shading in blender but nothing works. By doing numerous tests I noticed that the rendering result works very well when the simulation is greater in Embergen, when the emitter is larger.

Do you know how I can increase the scale without having to redo everything or something like that to finally have a correct rendering in blender

thank you for the answer

Everything that i would suggest would require tweaking of other parameters to make sure you get the look you’re going for. Everything factors into the simulation so it’s hard to isolate something like “scale”

it mostly can be tricky to get the same shading in other software, the actual render in embergen is based on it´s own shading settings, which can be quite tweaked and not representing the actual voxel density exactly, thus you may get a completely different look in shading, and especially with smoke like this that probably have a smoke mapping specially designed to work in blender, or post processed in the volume settings.

You need to understand, lean how to tweak blenders principle volume shader, try mess with curves for the density, or map range nodes in blender, so you get that thin soft look for the main density, but with sharped density edges where the fluids interact or simply is denser.

Decrease density I would say, or use curves to get those sharp edges while yet being thin soft smoke density overall.
Map range and curve nodes to control the density in blender is key, also…one need to check clip settings in view settings if you are using perspective views, or camera clipping for camera views, so the volume isn´t clipped off which could result in uggly artifacts.

Also…you can use the emission input for starters, but you have to add an attribute node set to density, and plug it to the emission color, then increase emission slightly, if you only use that it will render superfast, can be looking a tad flat though, depending on initial density from emberg, you can also mix this emission set up with the density values.

Sorry for not replying until now though :grimacing: