(Embergen) - crash when trying to export to VDB (all fixed) (#200)

I have a scene that I am unable to export VDB’s from. Embergen is crashing as soon as export is enabled and the simulation starts. It runs fine without exporting.


Steps to recreate:

  • Load scene file.
  • Click space bar to start sim - everything should be ok.
  • Stop sim and choose a destination for VDB export.
  • Switch on VDB Export
  • Restart sim - crash on first frame for me.

We’re looking into it.

Nice…I’m good at breaking stuff. :wink:

Just too add to this if it helps,

I have an issue where by its exports VDB fine, but then I add upscaling. Then it instantly crashes on the first frame. Even on the tiny simulations

Software is looking great though!

Do you have a repro or a project file we can look into? Just tested upscaling VDB exports on my end and it all worked out on a single frame export :slight_smile:

Hey! Thanks for swift response. It was the just loading the 014-Moving-Fireball preset. - setting uplscaling to 2x - then adding export to VDB node.

So easy to replicate for me. Which doesnt help you I i magine?

Random hardware specs if that helps : GTX 2080ti, Windows 10, i7-8800k, 32gb Ram.

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I’m having the same problem here. I tried to export the default startup scene as VDB and Embergen crashes instantly.
Laptop software:

  • Intel® Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60ghz 2.59ghz
    -RAM 16.0 Available (15.9 usable)
    -GPU Nvidia 1660ti
    -Windows 10

What software version are you using? If you look in the menu at the top left, does it say update available?

We have a fix coming out soon.

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