Embergen VDB to Redshift Volume loader workflow


has anyone worked out a decent workflow to approximate the look of Embergen exports in Redshift (using Max, but volume material should be the same?)

Smoke > density doesn’t seem too bad, more struggling with the flames?

Tried using temperature as a channel, and playing with the remapping, setting old to 1000, and emission scale to .01 + a gradient with bias towards oranges/reds on the right side of the ramp…

Not sure if this is the right approach, or if anyone has found the sweet spot for settings?



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Yes, very good question.
Setting “old” to max 10 right now for the smoke and fire to max 2 but doesnt look100% right but still ok.
Have the gradient for the flame as default (meaning from dark to bright) with reddish orange in the middle and orange to the far right.

…And still fiddling with scale and placement, exported an animated alembic file as collider, had to use scale x10 in embergen and when exporting back as vdb its both off in scale and placement, and not x10 times bigger.

Love the software, but i need to solve these bits to be productive…:sweat_smile:

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