Why is vertex masking so poorly documented, no decent tutorials

Hi there, Ivé been googling around, looking on youtube, checking the documentations, trying myself with various vertex maps on both fbx, and obj formats, but I just can´t get the masking of fluid emission working.

I noticed Jason Key had a vid demonstrating “some of it” but that is an older version, he´s not showing exactly the setup for how to connect the nodes, and other things that may be important.

This is to me a very Key element to work with embergen properly …and I am a bit baffled it isn´t covered in documentation or a short intro, specificly defined as vertex mapping emission.

Maybe I approached it wrong trying to just mask out the emission on one single emitter and mask, perhaps two emitters is needed…I just don´t know.

There´s a possibility I missed a tutorial, but there´s so many of them and if I only knew where this may be covered, that would of course help.

Basics, take a toroid apply vertex map on half on it, and in embergen set the mask to emitt only from that, simple things you may think.


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Bumping this one,
No one seem to be able to answer on it, or another users question on this matter, I´ve been trying for months (from time to time) with the masks in embergen, just guessing it could use blender painted vertex maps, or weightmaps , can´t find a single video tutorial on it that indicates there is some showcase on it in the video.

It´s the very basics…in blender 2,79, I can paint in a weightmap on a head for instance, use that as emission for the fluids inside of blender with its fire and smoke fluids, dead easy and great.
Now surely it must be a way to use either a Weightmap, or vertex map on One single mesh as the fluid emission inside of embergen, I don´t expect embergen to have a brush paint tool in there at this stage, but surely the ability to emitt from painted weightmaps, or vertex maps only.

Now I have mostly tested on fbx exports, but also alembic, no difference.
Ivé managed to get a fluid emission on for instance two seperate spheres in the same fbx, but I don´t think that had to do with the actual paint I did.

My question was made in december 21, still no one responding with a yes or no, or anything at all, and same with this guys question…

Blender Alembic Vertex Color - Software Support & Suggestions / EmberGen - JangaFX Software Forum

I have now solved this issue, unless someone makes a tutorial, I will when I am up for it.
Vertex paint masking Is working from blender.