Advection on stairs problem

Hi! I am generating smoke coming down the stairs, but for some reason strange stripes appear in cubic advision, both on embergen and in UE, while they are only on this slope. There are also such radial patterns on vertical surfaces… How can this be fixed?

In UE it look really bad…

You may be using too strong of a force. But if this is being caused by the collision mesh then it may be hard to get rid of. You may want to increase the quality settings in the Simulation node as well.

Let me know if this works!

For the most part, the problem was solved by switching the mode from color smoke to combustion, and reducing the thickness of collisions in import. There are still problems, but at least they don’t catch the eye on the final render

But i have 1 more qustion, i need made my smoke slover, how i can do this? I need just make slow, dont remake physics

There is not way to make the solver slower while keeping the same physics atm. You can adjust the timestep in the simulation node, but this will result in a different looking simulation as you deviate from 60Hz. But you can try making up for this by adjusting the amplitude and other parameters in your simulation!