Absolute Frames checkbox no longer working

Hi JangaFX,

Just a heads up that in the latest version of EmberGen the absolute frames checkbox doesn’t work, and rendered frames always start from zero. I have reverted back to the latest working version v0.7.5.7

Would be cool if I can report bugs as official tickets that can be searched for and updated on the progress/comments of discussion regarding the bug.

On a side note the new ux where you can scroll between tabs is a little clunky, I am sure you probably are working on this since it wasn’t in the release notes but anyway.

Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the feedback! This is a bug we’re aware of and we’ll be resolving it in EmberGen 1.0

Anything that makes the new scroll between tabs clunky in particular?

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That’s great to hear !

I found it a little hard to navigate with scrolling, since you can scroll into other categories. My workflow previously was to select a tab and quickly scroll to the bottom or top to find something that I new where it was. with the new layout i find myself scrolling past categories and spending more time searching for things because i get lost in the endless list of menus. For example i can’t just just scroll to the bottom of a tab because there is no bottom. I found it easier to memorise where certain settings were when the tabs were fixed because I was deliberately choosing a category first. This could be partly because I am used to the old tabs but maybe it is something to iterate on (for example colours or icons).

Thanks for the reply, and when will 1.0 release, I can’t wait :slight_smile:

We have a change that we hope will improve the workflow here coming up with the tab system where when you select a tab it’s highlighted in blue so that you know where it begins/ends vs being confused by everything else that’s showing.