Suggestions for improvements

I’d like to express my respect and admiration for the work You & Team has done so far.

I have many suggestions for improvements related to Embergen’s UI, workflow and keyboard shortcuts I`d like to discuss with you, if you wish and have sometime to do so. I have prepared some things in order to show you what I am talking about.

What is the best way/time to communicate with you?

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You can record a video and post it here, or if you have a lot of things written out, feel free to post that here too! You can always email us at support @ or email me at nick @

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Sorry, I was a little busy last week. I’d like to send you my suggestions and opinions this week. I will try to be as short as possible and to the point. English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes. Please excuse me if I am being silly.

My first question to you is: can you open Photoshop files and do you have basic Photoshop skills?


I do, feel free to detail anything you’d like. We have a diverse array of skills across the team

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I’ve just realized the post is for everybody to see. I tried to look for private messages, but haven’t found one. I’d rather send you file links in private. I’m sorry!! I’m still getting acquainted with the forum.

I have edit the post, but I have sent a copy to

Which is the best way to send you links for Photoshop files?

You can send everything to!

Hi Mr Clark,

I was going to write comments about it but I think you can have an idea of what I did.
I have created the UI in parts, Timeline, Graph and Parameters (node details).

This is the timeline part…I have seen You&Team have updated in version 0.8

I am sorry if I had a bad start…

From now on I will be communicating with you and Nick by email, if it is ok with you…

(Attachment Embergen GUI Timeline.psd is missing)