Quality of life Suggestions

Hey guys! Just compiling a list of suggestions as I work with EmberGen. In absolutely no particular order:

  1. Recent files list and memory of the last file location opened so it doesn’t always start in c:\embergen every time I start the program.
  2. Ability to modify the default preset. It’s a great jumping off point but there are multiple things I always change immediately upon starting a new preset, based on what I’m creating.
  3. The ability to drag a box around multiple keyframes in the timeline to select multiple at once.
  4. Enable Shift-click to select multiple keyframes (currently ctrl-click)
  5. Click on a property in the node panel to focus it in the timeline
  6. The ability to have two (or more!) node panels visible at once to enable rapid flipping between parameters.
  7. Tab labels across the top of node panel to quickly access different sections at a glance instead of having to scroll to find the section you want. (sim, dissipation, vorticity, etc)
  8. Mousewheel should scroll more than 1 line per tick. Should be much quicker to navigate through panels.
  9. Ability to click+drag middle mouse to scroll node panels up and down just like Timeline and Node tree.
  10. Attenuation on forces to control the affected distance.
  11. The ability to click and drag inside text fields.
  12. XYZ scale parameters for all primitive shapes.
  13. Embergen still uses about 80% GPU resources when the sim is paused (no idea if it’s technically possible to drop this down unless it’s minimized)

Fabulous suggestions! We’re doing a UX pass here soon, and will see how much of this we can incorporate. Thanks a ton!

Let us know if you have anything else :slight_smile:

I’ve added a way to override the default preset that should be available in the next release by placing a file called default_preset.ember in the root folder next to the executable. There will be a preview version available on Discord for licensed users to try before it’s ready, if you want to test it.