EmberGen - initial feedback

Hi, I recently purchased EmberGen and have had some time to play with it. Here is my initial feedback:

  • The GPU is working at nearly 100% even when the simulation is paused, even with the simple default startup scene. Feels like it could fry the GPU working like that for a long time.

  • Flipbook frame divisions are sometimes wrong and creates borders between frames. Happens often to me when switching to 4x4 frames, 16 frames total and 1024x1024 output. Sometimes it can be fixed by rendering and then resetting the 4x4 values.

  • Feature request: Flipbook feature to pack frames into all rgba channels, so as an example you have the first 16 frames in 4x4 in the R channel, the next 16 frames in the G channel and so on for a total of 64 frames. Some people call this “grey-packing”. This way you get 4 times as many frames in a texture. The frames can then be colored using a gradient in the game’s shader.

  • I once got a crash when connecting an alpha channel from the Rendering to the Export pin. Been getting a few random crashes. One time when just zooming the work space so it could be UI related.


Thanks for your support & purchase!

  1. GPU will work at 100% as we’re optimized to do so. We’ve been running our GPU’s at 100% for years and they have built in throttling functionality from the manufactuerer, so no worries there. When minimizing the software, it should go into a hibernate mode after a minute or so.

  2. Borders is a known bug, we hope to fix it soon!

  3. Great idea

  4. If you have any .egl logs after a crash you could send to our email support @ jangafx.com that’d be great.