(EmberGen) UX Feedback Initial Impression

Hey guys,
I’ve only used the Alpha before, and yesterday had my first hands-on with the Beta (v_26_04). Here is some of my feedback from my first session. I’m sure you guys have a lot to do from a technical point of view, but mentioning these things can’t hurt regardless :slight_smile:


-Let me slide (click & drag) the time slider to anywhere in the timeline. Or click, to intantly jump to a point in time.
Is it impossible to scroll through an already simulated simulation (without re-simulating it)?
-The looping simulation options are quite hidden, maybe expose them to a button at the timeline also. When tweaking an effect I usually tweak one bit of it at a time, which requires a looping timeline for fast iterations.
-When looping options are turned on, please let me move the (blue) looping sliders inside of the timeline with click and drag.
-Timeline at the bottom is cut off
-When clicking on a parameter inside the timeline (on the left), it would be good if the view would jump to that parameter inside my nodes, making that node active.
-I can’t see the values of parameters in the timeline, only when clicking on them. I need to see them constantly. Options in the timeline would be good.
‘Show only selected parameters values’, ‘Show no values’ (that’s what it is right now), ‘Show all values’

-Windows cannot be re-arranged, scaled etc. It would be great to be able to at least scale individual windows to my liking.
Re-arranging would be even better. It’s more comfortable for me to work with two monitors at the same time.
-Let me adjust the interface colors for background, text, highlit colors etc. Just expose all colors somewhere. I would like to make the text brighter.
-Add tooltips to the ‘Add parameter to timeline’ & ‘Reset parameter to default’ buttons. When starting with embergen this would be helpful for newcomers.
-When a parameter has been added to the timeline, you cannot change it directly inside the node anymore. This is very confusing.
When clicking on a key, I would expect it to still accept changes from inside the node to update the key’s value.
The method of changing the parameter directly in the timeline is good, but it sholud not be limited to this. Took me a while to figure it out.

-The sensitivity on rotation and movement is super high. Option to adjust it would be good.

-Holding right mouse button in the nodegraph should let you pan (like what middle mouse also does), rather than instantly open the node window. Clicking should open the node window.
-Drag and hold selection rectangle in the nodegraph is barely visible due to it being black. Should be white or orange.
-Clicking at the end point of a node should do the same as holding down (make the noodle/line extend)


Wonderful feedback! I agree with the vast majority of this and I’m sure we’ll add these requests in after our beta launch via patches.

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Very nice feedback. I haven’t started the beta, but already support all your mentioned points! :+1: