3dsmax help needed please

Sorry i had this message in another section .

Yellow guys , i need help to be able to start with Embergen . In max importing is a breeze but in Embergen looks a bit harder … how to import an animation from Max ? Or vice versa so i have colors in my fire or explosion . Now all i have is particles moving ok but no color in the animation . How to import the colors to the animation ? Do i have to render images also and make them follow the animation ? How ?

I know i have to read and i do but just this (questions above) would help an awfull lot .

Thanks again for your time . The new guy ! :+1::blush:

Hi Pat, currently there is no way to export color to VDB files so you will just have to do your best with the shading options that come in 3ds max. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi Notwillclarke , thanks for your help . I have another question … regarding LiquiGen . I finally bought the suite but can’t figure out how to make it accept my new license . Says unsupported license but just bought the upgrade . As for the color … i think i’ll work with image sequence to have my colors . Thanks

send a message to our support@jangafx.com email with your license key and I’ll check it out!

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Did it last resort , didn’t want to disturb the guys for a simple task , all is ok ‘‘unsuported is gone Pre-Alpha is the only thing i see now’’ .

Have another question maybe you can answer and if not i’ll post it in the forum with the correct topic .
When i import an .fbx file the cursor ‘‘zxy’’ is always at zero but let say my .fbx is higher at +.100 , how do i bring back my cursor to the middle of my .fbx so it’s easyer to move or scale etc … Hope you understand the french guy .

Thanks for your help .

you can use the auto pivot feature and that should center the cursor to the mesh!

Thanks a million times and are you sure you’re notwillclarke ? :joy:

:+1: cheers

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gotta keep them guessing :joy: