I need help with importing FBX:)

Hi all! Trying to import a C4D exported FBX into embergen, however everytime I link the FBX in the Asset Filepath, nothing appears in the scene.

For context, the exported FBX contains a animated camera, and a few polygons!

Help will be greeaatly appreciated, thank you!

Hi there, you might want to experiment with the master scale settings to make sure your imported fbx is big enough to see. Sometimes different fbx export settings / scales will appear smaller in embergen

Hi, thanks for the suggestion! I’ve played around with it, even scaling up to huge numbers but nothing appears:/ I’ve chosen to work around the issue and just eyeballing it, but would be great if anyone has a fix regarding this~

This is a common issue. Once our sparse solver is available, scaling issues will be a thing of the past. No ETA unfortunately, just have to eyeball it for now. This may help: