Importing FBXdf df

It’s impossible to importa proper scale and position to embergen. In 3ds max we export as FBX our mesh is in inches and it imports incorrectly. Our 50 feet wide shed became a tiny little mesh and scaling in embergen made it disappear. And pivot is not in the center. Nothing works Please fix it

I think we definitely need an easy way to import the models. Then we can create a vdb grid by clicking and dragging it similar to 3ds max phoenix fd. It literally takes an hour to import then place emitters plus each emitter must be click in the node to be moved, etc.

We plan to fix this, but it’s a tough problem to solve. We’re working on a new FBX and Alembic importer and when we build all of that we’ll have proper mesh scaling. ETA ~January 2021 which is when our gigantic update is planned to come out.