Daz/character creator to embergen

Hi people. Im kinda new here so hoping this is the correct place from what I can tell.
Im trying to import an animated character from Daz or caracter creator into embergen but I get some really odd results. The character is tiny and things are all crazy looking.
I export correct scale but they are tiny and when using the scaling tools in the import node they dont come out correct either. the mesh does not change. It almost looks like the joints are scaling or in the wrong positions. Im exporting aniamted FBX. But also testing just a still FBX gives a similar result of bodies broken etc.
Ive uploaded an image below. Ive tried exporting different scales and tried different settings in Embergen but nothing seems to work.
Any more info I need to provide please shout. Also thanks for the read and listen.

Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone? Been trying everything if it is an FBX it comes in broken.

I think you need to provide more info, just fbx says nothing, and what figure from daz did you use?
Bones and it´s locations, rest length and deformation can differ a lot.

is it genesis figures, other types of figures matters a lot.

What other software have you checked the fbx within? is it changing in there in such case?

MDD support to scan any animated figures vertices is what Embergen needs, not sure if and when they can have that ready, that would allow these tasks with fbx figures to work more smootly I think.

Hey thanks for the reply.
Ok so Im using a standard genisis 8 female. I dont touch it besides exporting it to test.
SO I create genesis 8 female. I select figure and export fbx then into embergen and it comes out tiny and broken… But when I send that exact figure to Blender and then export the FBX from there it seems to work just fine. Scale and animation etc all good.

But same with Character creator. Open new figure and export to fbx. In embergen its the same as a daz figure which is tiny and broken.

Don´t have time to check this right now, will have to later.

Bones and how software treats it, options to change it´s alignment etc, that is tricky.
For this reason …I would welcome mdd import, just scan your animated figure…and it will all work without having to concern about what character type you have in Daz studio, how the bones are set etc, or other software for that matter.
Would also be great for other dynamics and passing through to embergen.