Embergen to UE Coordinates Issue

Hi! I’ve imported an .FBX with a car animation from UE into Embergen, simmed some tire smoke with a 80m pivot on X (to get it centered), and imported that sim into UE. The VDB looks great but the coordinates don’t make sense and are misaligned.

These settings seem to be about 90% accurate but not perfect. Is there a fix for this?


Hey sorry for the late reply, did you connect the Transform pin into the VDB export node before exporting? This will copy the transform controls of the imported mesh so that the VDB aligns in engine.

Yes! I have tried that and from what I can tell UE doesn’t recognize the difference.

Can you send the FBX file? I’ll see if I can reproduce the issue. I don’t know much about VDB’s in UE5 but i can see if it works in Blender