Way to get realtime preview / cache / fast preview?

Hey all. Loving the speed of embergen but I do a lot of very large-scale work which means I often have to create quite chunky scenes.

I used to use Turbulence FD, and Embergen has allowed me to work so much faster. But the one thing I miss is the option to use cache and preview simulations in a lo-fi way.

Currently, I have to pretty much guess how a sim will look (in terms of speed and movement) until I render the scene.

Am I missing a way to:

a) cache a short section of a scene for realtime playback?


b) preview a scene in a simplified way to allow for realtime playback (e.g. previewing as dots rather than full render). I currently use unlit mode and low quality but it doesn’t make that much difference.

Thank you!

you want to optimize your scene for your graphics card and 3D scene, then use upscaling when you export to get the amount of detail you’re looking for in your simulation. There isn’t a way to cache the simulation beyond exporting. You can also export 1 frame late in the simulation if you want to see how everything looks without rendering the whole thing. Let me know if this helps!