Considering buying Embergen

Hi. I am new in the forum and with Embergen. I have been briefly testing the trial.

I intend to do a steam/vapor simulation in Blender, and I like the idea of Emebergen as a real-time sim software. I need a responsive workflow to visualize what I am tweaking.

I need to simulate steam at different speeds going into other pipes:

  1. Does Embergen comes with “terminators” or any type of feature that allows me to make the steam end when it collides with a “sphere,” let’s say?
  2. How does the material connects to Blender? Does it matter how I tweak my shader in Embergen if the sim is imported into Blender? I imagine the sim and shaders are kinds of independent.

Thank you

I’m new also so this may not be the best way but

  1. Try plugging a shape into the Mask Shape of the Volume then remap the target range max to 0%.

  2. The VDB export comes from the Volume so to my knowledge all the shading is added afterwards so you are correct about the shaders being independent. To be fair Blender allows a lot more flexibility and customisation to the shaders so that is how I personally would prefer it.

I have to say, other than some color limitations its a heck of product though, browsing through the examples they have included there is a lot of really impressive stuff in there.

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Thanks a lot for your help; I am buying it today! and am quite excited about it.