Slow down a simulation?

Ive been working with the preset demo: “064_looping_smoke_puff.ember”, and like the overall look as it is. However the entire simulation is too fast. Spending several hours have yielded little results in slowing this down.
I realize when dealing with particles, a setting such as speed can fall under countless parameters. In this case I’m attempting to slow down the entire simulation, as though the rendered footage in a video editor, was time stretched to 200% its normal frame rate.

Any suggestions?

Well what is your end target output? VDB, flipbooks or an image sequence? Doing the slowdown in post may be the best way to handle this until our retiming functionality is in.

Thanks for the reply. Ordinarily i would attempt to slow this down in post, however given that the camera will be orbiting the scene, an accurate VDB would be preferable.
If you could point me to the key settings to focus on, that would be great!

You might could still do optical flow in post after completing your render. I don’t know if it’s possible to use the velocity data of a VDB to do a similar optical flow shader in renderers, I doubt it. You’d just have to wait until we have retiming in or use optical flow post-render in something like davinci.