Changing the project FPS setting

Hi there,

Just recently purchased Embergen and it looks stunning.

One major issue I have missed is that as far as I understand the project default is 60 FPS and we can not change that yet, am I correct?

Because when I render out my simulation it playbacks awfully slow-mo in Fusion. The only 2 workarounds I could find are:
A: Render out 2.5 times more frames and speed it up in composition software
B: Set the Frame stride to 3 in the export tab (which is not perfectly accurate if you want to render out for 24fps. Should actually be 2.5, which unfortunately is not an integer number)

Unless I am missing out on something this feature will be addressed in future releases.
Do we have a close estimate about when this will be addressed?

It is 60FPS yes, but we want to do retiming for one of our next major releases so that this is changeable. A/B are the ways to do it in the meantime. Retiming in another tool is the way to go for now.

No ETA just yet as it’s a bit complex with how our timeline works, but its a high priority.

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