VDB's from Embergen not visible in Blender

About two thirds of my sequences that I load into Blender don’t show up in the workspace. I can see them in the hierarchy but I can’t find them on the grid. The ones that do load up are never at the center of the axis. I’m assuming that it’s got something to do with coordinates. I’m a noob to Blender so I’m having trouble finding a solution.

Oddly enough I can select single frames from a sequence and it loads in, but nothing happens when I load the sequence.

Hey man, If you use blender 2.9 open your vdb in an older version of blender (2.8.3 worked for me). Hope it will solve your problem

as for sequence, make sure that the sequence checkbox is tick marked, by default it is set to off unfortunately.

Also…by default it is not specified a frame range, so make sure to set amount of frames to match your sequence.

For the offset of location and huge scaling, that may be something the Embergen team needs to work on more.

Haven´t checked it much in 2.9 and the difference in scaling and offset, but since kaneki mentioned it, I have to check again.

Also, the rendering of black body and fire in blender 2.9, by default looks better than in 3.1, something with the scattering or the rgb curve nodes that seem different.