(EMBERGEN) Exported VDB, wrong location and scale? (#235)

I may not understand, miss something or do something wrong?
Exported VDB sequences are very large and at the wrong place in other software. When I import a VDB I have to scale it down to 10% if upscaling is set to none, if I change upscaling I have to divide 10% with the upscaling amount to get the correct scale. Then I have to move it up in Z (Y in my software), same amount as boundsize (Z) diveded in 2.
It makes no difference if I change the Length Unit under Data Control?

Software used: Embergen Beta 0.5.1, Octane and Modo


Different softwares use different coordinate systems and so the location may be incorrect. In the simulation node you can select where 0 0 0 is and by default it’s at the base of the bounding box instead of the center of all axis’.

The unit length may be a bug however. We have noticed that the vdb’s are gigantic in blender. I’ll make a bug report of this.

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