VDB remap export issue


I have an issue with export results in a vdb files. I’m working in 3ds max+Vray.
As you know the Embergen is using very high temperature for flame, sometimes 10, 15 or 20.000K. With this values I have incorrect results in 3ds Max. So I thought that remap function in a VDB export can help me. But I get incorrect results.

After some tweaking in a Embergen I can decrease a temperatue of flame from 15-20.000 to 6.5-7.000K. And when I open an exproting VDB file I have this correct values:

But as I said before this value is a very high. So I used a remap option:

But I get extremly low temperature below 2K (near absolute zero :slight_smile: )

I tried this remap option with many presets and always get incorrect result.

So it is a Embergen’s issue ot I make something wrong?

This file I used for test:

Hi John, using the Remap Values checkbox, you are remapping the selected parameter values and clamping them to 0-1, that explains why your temperature value is so low. So you’ll want to do some math to remap those values in your DCC, either reducing the higher values or increasing the lower values.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hi Will,

Thank you for your answer. But it looks that in 3ds max no any math remap option. I can change a color for temperature but can’t to increase or decrease the temperature range.

And it looks like in Embergen remap option for a temperature should return values in [min, max] range but not in [0,1]. I made this conlusion based on this setting in remap option:

In any case, if it bug or not, is it possible to improve remap function in the future updates?

If you hover over the Remap Values tooltip it explains the process of what it does, but i understand your confusion. As far as 3ds max not having the ability to manipulate these values I’m not sure how to help the process of getting the temperature values to be what you need them to be. I will relay this info to the team to help us make some decisions in the future.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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