Using Mesh as an emitter for animal-shaped clouds?

New user here. I need to create clouds in the shapes of various animals, like this:

I started with the cloud generator ember scene.

I imported a simple horse mesh as a .OBJ from Maya. I can get it to act as the emitter but the sim loses too much detail. The shape of the cloud is too billowy, I can’t really see the silhouette of the horse:

I’m hunting and pecking at different settings in each node, but can any one make some recommendations to set this up? I am attaching the .ember file and the horse mesh in this link.

Thanks in advance

That cloud generator setup uses some combustion techniques that you wouldn’t want if you’re trying to maintain a specific model shape. It’s just a rough start but I made a setup that would work better (link below)

Thank you so much!
How did you make the mesh invisible?