Cloud generator crash with 1.0.2

For learning purpose I tried the presset Cloud generator in EmberGen 1.0.2, but as soon as I connect Simulation Volume output to Volume processing Input Volume or Output to Scene input volume, app crashes.
At opening, unknown nodes :Node_Export_Image and Node_Capture.

Is there a more recent version of the cloud generator avaible ?

Thank you, this soft looks amazing !

fatal error
Runtime assertion: C:/Users/Capta/dev/EmberGenFX/curve/curve.odin(661:2)

Hey sorry, this is a bug that we had to hotfix with version 1.0.3. If you download that or any later version that is applicable with your license it should work properly!

Well I use an Otoy license, therefore I think I’m stuck with this release.
I finally screengrab all of your setups and paste them in a new scene. Feal stoopid but… I can now play with the cloud generator.
Thank you for yout feedback.

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