Slower fire burn


I am trying to make a building burn but i want the fire to be burn a little slower, not like slow motion because i like the speed of the smoke. I hope this help . i can provide with some videos of what i have if it helps.

Thank you

under the simulation node you can change the time step in Hz to a higher value to slow the whole sim down.

you could also turn buoyancy down found here: simulation>force>buoyancy

could also mess with your temperature found here: Emitter>Emission>Temperature
this will affect the speed based on what your buoyancy is set at as far as i understan

These are all good suggestions, I would caution before you try the timestep method, as this changes the overall behavior of the simulation, so certain parameters might not work exactly how you intend. This effect will increase the more you deviate from the original 60 hz