Sequence number vdb

Hi guys, i am working with Octane Render and Lightwave 3d. This software catch the sequence with 4 digit, and i only can export with 2. How i can modify this option?. i need xxxx.vdb not xx.vdb has is by default. thanks

Within the alpha we do not have a way to modify the sequence numbers sadly, but in the beta that will be out in a few weeks we will support any sequence number format that someone could need.

In the meantime, you might can find some sort of sequence renaming script, but I don’t have any recommendations. Sorry for the troubles right now though :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont worry, and another question, is there a way to add some obj to interact with the simulation?

We’ll have static objects in the beta as well. Things like alembic and skinned FBX files will come at a later date.

In the actual version can i add a static object? sorry i dont undestand.

In the alpha (the version you have now) you cannot add objects. When our beta comes out, you will be able to add objects.

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you can use the file renaming tool:

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