Exporting additional VDB frames

I have made smoke simulation and exported 300 VDB frames. During compositing I found out I need 350 frames. Can I somehow export the last 50 frames into the same folder? Without having to re export the first 300?

For example “first frame” in the export node was 0 and “num frames” was 300. The exported VDB files were named 0 through 300.

I re open the same file and change “first frame” to 301 and “num frames” to 50. Set it to export to the same folder. Embergen exports them as frames 0 through 50 and not 301 through 350. How do I tell Embergen to name them 301 to 350?

Hi Seth,

Yep! You can export out the VDB settings like the image below. This way you’ll only render out 50 more frames and skip the first 300. Let me know if you have any other questions

Thanks for your reply. Im not at my studio right now. I believe that’s what I did and rather than naming the VDB files 301 302 etc, it did an overwrite on 000, 001 through 50.

Of course, it can be easy to forget (as I just did) but you’ll need to check “Use Absolute Frames”, this way it will name everything by their absolute frame value

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Oh my gosh thanks. I totally didn’t notice that check box.